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It took Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras seven months of negotiations to come to terms with the European reality and our…

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It took Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras seven months of negotiations to come to terms with the European reality and our country’s commitments. Even now, after so many adventures, his ministers have not fully realized the threats against the country and the people. Likewise, the main opposition party is fighting a pointless battle for power. Various groups, factions and families are clashing, before the political gap has been analyzed, before the distance of the conservative party from Greek society has been evaluated.

The other parties, most of which are focused around a leader, seem unable to come up with any feasible and life-giving solutions for our country and people. Everything stems from the inability of Greek politics to engage the problem without fear or passion, to assume the cost and provide a clear solution.

Those closely following Greek affairs will know that the State is unable and has nothing. For many years it will have to learn to live with less and demand more.

This means that in order to have a rudimentary standing internationally and cover the basic needs of its people, it will have to restrict its expenses, while increasing its income to the greatest possible degree. For many the ideal would be for the State and politics to focus on stabilizing the economy and the country.

Truth be told, the majority of our fellow Greeks has realized the aforementioned main condition and has come to terms with the idea that the State has run out of strength and opportunities. This is evident, after all, by the few and far between production initiatives – some smaller, others larger – in our country.

In most cases there is an abundance of skill, ingenuity, taking advantage of accumulated knowledge and new technological capabilities. Above all the effort and faith in one’s own abilities and strength is clear.

The Greek people now know that there are no saviors to save them. They realize that they will save themselves, with work and creative effort. This is perhaps the greatest structural change brought on by the crisis. And it is the most hopeful change, provided it catches on and sweeps the country.

Antonis Karakousis

Originally published in the Sunday print edition

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