Diverse and voracious interests

Thankfully the Left won the elections!… Not only was it due to win, but also because the Tsipras administration will…

Diverse and voracious interests | tovima.gr

Thankfully the Left won the elections!… Not only was it due to win, but also because the Tsipras administration will take advantage of its inexperience in government to solve the problem’s structural problems.

First off, let us talk about the so-called “big interests”.

Soon after the fall of the dictatorship, the leading div to emerge from the Restoration of Democracy, Konstantinos Karamanlis, experienced the Franco-German conflict when color television was to be introduced in Greece.

The French asked that the SECAM system be chosen, while the Germans demanded that their own PAL system was used instead. Karamanlis manage to make everyone happy: he split the deal between the two of them, to prove that the big interests are diverse and voracious. The Franco-German conflict carried out here with the dominance of Siemens, while France, aside from its share in military procurement programs, also had the parallel interests of Giscard d’Estaing. He demanded to “purchase” land in Messinia, which is now part of the Costa Navarino tourist resort. Thankfully, Bokassa’s diamonds saved the olive groves and beaches.

It is a fact that major foreign interests and their domestic partners have been served under political criteria and international compromise.

It is worth reminding the aforementioned to those who exercise power, at times, in Greece. If the major foreign interests pressured Athens to accept colonial agreements in the last 1970s, then nothing, in essence, has changed to our day.

It should be noted that one way or the other, the delegates of our creditors simultaneously represent major foreign interests. In reality Athens will have parallel negotiations: one for the prior actions for Bailout 3 and another for the “major works”, which are typically of interest to more than one supplier. The Germans, for example, are openly interested in regional airports and DEI for the energy sector. The French are also interested in DEI. Let us hope that they will fight it out to the benefit of our country…

… which has the capacity and opportunity to demonstrate a successful governance to the international money lenders and the diverse and voracious international monopolies.

Stavros P. Psycharis

Originally published in the Sunday print edition

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