The Left Platform has responded to the statements by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras regarding the negotiations and agreement that was reached with Greece’s international creditors in Brussels.

In post on, the Left Platform argues that the PM essentially admitted to not having an alternative to creditor demands, after five and a half months of negotiations and questions how this would reduce his liabilities, even in the case that the Left Platform did not provide an alternative.

Furthermore, the Left Platform further elaborates and questions why the PM carried on paying the creditors and ransacked public funds, rather than nationalizing the banks and suspending payments. The Left Platform further questions why the PM did not agree to a less burdensome deal in February, if he had no alternative.

Later in its response, the Left Platform underlines that the Prime Minister will not be in the position to negotiate a better deal for the third bailout and resist further blackmail, when he openly speaks of having no alternatives to accepting the creditor demands. The Left Platform also accuses the PM of colluding with media and spreading lies in order to discredit studies, books and scientific publications on the benefits of departing from the Eurozone.