The country, people and economy have reached a dramatic impasse. Yesterday’s Eurozone Summit and the statements that followed shattered the final delusions. Greece’s membership in the euro will finally and irrevocably be determined by Sunday.

There is no room for bravado, celebrations and false promises. All of the Eurozone leaders – especially our until recently ally Mr. Juncker – made it categorically clear that unless the Greek government submits a specific plan for a third bailout by Thursday, then the departure from the euro is imminent. The European Commission president even warned that there is already a plan for a Grexit.

It is clear that the warnings about the dangers and what was really at stake in the referendum was something more than real. They were confirmed in the worst possible way, with the country in the worse possible condition, from the comments at the Summit and beyond.

In the statements he made following the meeting with the political leaders, the Prime Minister clarified that the people’s mandate did not include a rupture with Europe and departure from the euro. This is a position shared by the overwhelming majority of the people, irrespective of what they voted on Sunday.

Therefore Mr. Tsipras has the duty, obligation and mandate to no lead the country to a catastrophe. He must submit a plan, unfortunately much more painful, which will ensure that Greece remains in the heart of Europe, while assuming the political cost of his choices.

Greece does not have the luxury of being cut off from Europe. The consequences that we are experiencing today are a small sample of what will follow, in case we are expelled from the euro. The conquests of decades cannot and must not be lost because a government, our political leadership, does not dare or is afraid to address the problems of the country, economy and society.

The time of promises and false dilemmas is over. If the Prime Minister does not want to be remembered in history as the Prime Minister of bankruptcy, then even in the final hour, he must assume his responsibilities and ensure that Greece remains in the euro and Europe.