The conference of PASOK, where a new party president will be selected, is set to begin on Friday and Evangelos Venizelos’ potential successors have begun their preparations. The outgoing president is scheduled to open the conference with a speech at 4pm, where he is expected to delve into the recent political developments in Greece and review his tenure at the helm of the party.

Mr. Venizelos’ potential successors however have already begun their preparations, while their actions suggest that the conference will be rather tense. One of the main contenders for PASOK’s leadership, Fofi Gennimata, has accused the party secretary Nikos Androulakis of attempting to adulterate and tamper with the results of conference delegates.

Meanwhile, another contender for PASOK’s presidency, Andreas Loverdos, commented that he agreed with Mrs. Gennimata’s recent statement – that anyone wanting to leave PASOK for New Democracy should go- adding that anyone wanting to leave for SYRIZA should also leave, as «PASOK will not become anyone’s addendum”.