The student parade for this year’s Day of Independence saw the participation of 1878 students from 313 schools in Athens, who marched with the accompaniment of the municipal band.

As always, students from the High School of Kalavryta helmed the parade, wore traditional uniforms and carried a banner from the 1821 War of Independence. Delegations from the Scouts and Special Olympics athletes also participated this year.

Unlike previous years, the presence of the police was very discreet and there were no barricades installed at Syntagma Square. The main, military parade is scheduled for Wednesday, the 25th of March, which will mark the 194th anniversary of the declaration of the Independence.

Prior to the parade, the Minister of Education Aristides Baltas, the Mayor of Athens Giorgos Kaminis and the Dean of Parliament Giorgos Pantzas laid wreaths at the Monument of the Unknown Soldier. The Alternate Minister of Education Tasos Kourakis, who in the past expressed his opposition to student parades, was not present.