A 17-year-old Greek student has been rushed to a hospital in Rome in a serious condition, after she fell off a hotel balcony in as-yet undetermined circumstances. She reportedly undergoing a surgical operation, as her health is in a critical condition.

The student is a final-year at the 2nd Lyceum of Alexandria in Imathia and was in the Italian capital on a school excursion. The school principle Nikos Katsianidis told the Athens Macedonia News Agency that the student fell off the balcony after dinner, when the students went to prepare their baggage for their return to Greece today.

The parents of the student have flown out to Rome, while the rest of the school students are set to return to Greece today, according to the plans.

The supervisor of the Directorate of Secondary Education of Imathia Christos Skoupras expressed his concern about the health of the student and stated that an investigation would be launched to determine the circumstances of the 17-year-old’s fall.