The necessary compromise – which secured the country’s remaining in the Eurozone and consequently with the euro – concluded yesterday with the agreement on the reforms, which the Greek government submitted. A compromise which of course is far away from what was promised before the elections, but with the benefit – according to the government – of the country avoiding the death trap which had been set by the international and domestic forces of extreme austerity. It is commonly held after all that managing power is a lot different to the typically easy and inexpensive proclamations of an opposition party.

The agreement allows the government some time, but there is not enough room for complacency. Today an equally hard period of adjusting to the demands of society and the economy on the one hand and the commitments outlined in the agreement with our partners. The country has assumed significant obligations and the time it has to implement them is extremely limited.

The expectations for the new government are high; therefore its responsibilities are huge. Now it was prove – in practice, not words – that it has the will an ability to manage the problems in the best possible way. The internal dispute that exists must not stand in the way of materializing the reforms that were promised. Nor should it result in an internal game of compromise and idleness to satisfy a group within that has a different approach to compromising with Europe.

The next months will be decisive regarding the success and efficiency of the government. All of the ministers and government officers must realize this so that they may carry out the work they have undertaken. They have the support of that largest section of society, greater than the section that voted for them, but they do not have any room to disprove them. Because then the cost for them, as well as the country, will be very heavy.