On Tuesday the 25ht of November 1942, the combined forces of ELAS, EDES and British commandos carried out the demolition of the Gorgopotamos bridge, which is regarded as one of the greatest acts of resistance during the Second World War

The British commandos, led by Lt. Colonel Eddie Myers parachuted in central Greece in September 1941 and quickly came in touch with the National Republican Greek League (EDES) and the Greek People’s Liberation Army (ELAS).

The covert operation saw 82 men from ELAS and 52 from EDES join the 12 British Commandos, who clashed Italian and German units who were guarding the bridge. The leaders of ELAS and EDES Aris Velouhiotis [pictured second left] and Napoleon Zervas [pictured left], led the assault.

The act of sabotage is believed to have stalled the supply of the Nazi forces in Africa and inspired many resistance groups to emerge in Greece. The anniversary was established as the National Day of Resistance in 1982.