The Parliamentary Audit Committee of party and MP finances has unanimously decided to refer the leader of the populist far-right party Giorgos Karatzaferis to the relevant prosecutor for an inaccurate wealth statement and illegal participation in an off-shore company.

Furthermore, the committee has requested for further investigation in order to confiscate a sum of 1.65 million euros that appears to have ended up in the Catalina Ltd off-shore of Mr. Karatzaferis. It has been alleged the leader of LAOS received kickbacks related to the purchase of Super Puma helicopters.

Meanwhile, the spokeswoman for the Independent Greeks, Marina Chrysoveloni, told the Auditing Committee that Mr. Karatzaferis also owns a third off-shore company, named “Deck Rock Limited”. The Auditing Committee also decided to further investigate former MPs Aristides Tsiplakos (from New Democracy) and Telemachus Chytiris (from PASOK) for inconsistencies in their wealth statements.