The new, lower prices for urban transport come into effect on Monday, the 1st of September, with the Ministry of Transport introducing a new monthly card offering unlimited travel within Athens for one euro per day.

As of Monday, the urban transport ticket – which can be used in buses, trolleys, trams, subway and the electric railway – has been reduced from 1.40 to 1.20 euros. The unified ticket is valid for 70 minutes (from 90) and reduced tickets (for students, elderly etc) will cost 60 cents.

The monthly card has also been reduced from 45 to 30 euros, while the cost for discounted cards has been reduced from 23 to 15 euros. The monthly card does not cover the special express bus services to the airport and the X80 service. The cost of the annual travel card has been reduced to 320 euros (from 450), while the discounted travel card will cost 160 euros.

Additionally, the Ministry of Transport has introduced a five-day ticket (worth 10 euros), three-month and six-month travel cards (worth 165 and 230 euros respectively).

All old tickets will be valid until the 31st of March 2015, while the Ministry promises to offer discounts for customers who have purchased travel cards prior to the introduction of the new tariffs.