The Financial Stability Fund (FSF) will be unable to go “one step further” if the capital needs of Eurobank, National Bank, Piraeos Bank and Alpha Bank are not established.

The head of the FSF Anastasia Sakellariou is scheduled to meet with the IMF, ECB and EU representatives on Thursday morning and will request that they delineate the capital needs of the banks. Other items on the agenda are the necessary changes for the legal framework surrounding the bank refinancing, as well as the restructure plans for the banks.

Regarding Eurobank, Mrs. Sakellariou will insist that the troika is violating its own time tables, which includes the sale of 25% of the bank. The troika has recently expressed its concern about the perspective Eurobank investors, which include private equity funds and hedge funds.

Since a potential share capital increase of the bank is dependent on voting for the amendment of the bank refinancing terms, the FSF head is expected to request the relevant procedures be expedited.