The General Secretary of Public Revenue announced in Parliament that in the past two months (1st November 2013 to 13th of January 2014) about 135,000 vehicles have been immobilized due to their owners being unable to pay the relevant road tax, luxury tax or vehicle insurance fees.

The overwhelming majority of the 134,963 immobilized vehicles, namely 124,583 vehicles, were passenger cars. The General Secretary’s data also revealed that the phenomenon is not restricted to traditionally vulnerable social groups, but rather generalized, affecting people of all financial backgrounds.

Indicatively, the tax office in Pallini reported 1,910 immobilizations, in Psychico 1,049, in Kifisia 1,805 immobilizations and in Glyfada 1,416 immobilizations. The Athens tax office for citizens with large assets reported 2,390 vehicle immobilizations. The tax office that reported the greatest number of immobilization was in Chania, while the tax office of Edessa reported only 1 vehicle immobilization.