Alekos Alavanos’ new party Plan B was established over the weekend and has come up with a list of ten suggestions for Parliament. The suggestions are as follows:

  1. Reduce MP wages and disassociating them from the wages of judges. Plan B recommends that MP wages be one and a half times the minimum wage plus unemployment benefits. This would mean wages would drop from 5,780 euros to 1,419 euros.
  2. Ban state financial support to political parties. The state may only grant office space and free transportation of MPs during Parliamentary Summits.
  3. Reduce the number of MPs from 300 to 200. MPs who have completed two full terms (8 years in Parliament) will also not have the right to be reelected.
  4. Allocate 5% of seats in Parliament to Greek citizens with the right to vote.
  5. Revert to proportional representation and open discussion on current 3% limit to enter Parliament.
  6. Ban the privileged legal protection offered to MPs and extra-parliamentary members of the government. They will be judged by the same courts as all other citizens.
  7. Establish ability to recall MPs by special popular vote when demanded by at least 25% the MPs constituent voters. Recalled MPs will be replaced by the first runner-up of the same party.
  8. Laws voted upon in Parliament can be cancelled by public referendum. Referendums can be organized after the request by at least 20% of voters nationwide. Referendums on a constituent level are only allowed for local matters.
  9. The new Parliament must consider adopting a more direct and digital approach to Democracy, by taking advantage of new technologies to safeguard the democratic republic, such as Switzerland.
  10. In order to improve the relationship of Parliament with society, employee unions, regional local government and municipal authorities can submit law proposals and questions in parliament, under specific conditions yet to be determined.