The Deputy Minister of Finances Christos Staikouras authored a report on “the Greek economy today” about the situation after three years of the bailout policies and austerity measures where he expressed his estimation that 2013 will be last year of recession in Greece.

The report, according to Mr. Staikouras, demonstrates that the budget is not only within targets but it might even result in a primary surplus. Mr. Staikouras attributes the latest positive reports on Greece to the return of funds, the decline in bond yields and the recent rise of the Athens stock exchange.

Among the 17 reasons why 2013 will be the final year of recession for Greece is managing to reduce the Budget deficit and public debt, improving competition and the financial climate which encourages investments, taking better advantage of EU funds and proceeding with necessary administrative reforms.

Mr. Staikouras informed the Prime Minister Antonis Samaras of the latest financial developments before his trip to China.

The full report is available here.