Farmers threaten to block Egnatia Odo

Farmers threaten to block Egnatia Odo |


Despite the poor weather, dozens of farmers from Imathia have arrived at the Kouloura junction on Egnatia Odo and are awaiting more from the surrounding villages, in order to proceed with a general assembly.

According to the vice president of the Spontaneous Farmer Movement Kostas Lioliopoulos, they will demand an audience with the Minister of Agricultural Growth, in order to discuss a number of issues.

The main demand is for payment of the peaches they sold to industries five months ago. The farmers also demand that VAT be reduced from 11% to 6%, increase taxation to 13% and a revaluation of diesel.

According to Mr. Lioliopoulos, should their demands be ignored, the farmers threaten “to shut down Egnatia Odo at the Kouloura junction, as well as the adjacent train station”.

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