In a raid on a known telecommunications and IT firm in Dafni, police discovered that the firm had over 67 million pieces of personal information, such as tax data, phone numbers, vehicle registration etc.

The Police arrested the 59-year-old General Manager of the firm and is seeking a 31-year-old president and CEO, as well as the 35-year-old head of IT. They were charged with violating legal provisions regarding the protection of personal data.

The Police also seized two servers with six hard drives each (with a total capacity of 870 GB), one server with three hard drives (with a total capacity of 218.4 GB), one external hard drive and nine backup tapes.

In their announcement, the firm was found to collect, edit and then sell the tax data of natural and legal persons. He evidence will be sent to the Police’s crime labs for thorough investigation, to determine the source of personal information. The 59-year-old was taken to the prosecutor for a statement.