The project “Development of electronic culture applications for the promotion of monuments and cultural stock” was undertaken by SingularLogic, a member of the SpaceHellas group, after a relevant competition conducted by the Municipality of Mylopotamos.

According to a relevant announcement, with this project the Municipality of Mylopotamos aims to preserve, highlight and promote the history and culture of the area, as well as to enhance tourism, offering upgraded services that promote visitor experience, but also to create a new dynamic development in the local community, through the strengthening of Experience Tourism.

Specifically, the project includes the creation of a culture website, which will present all the points of interest in the area, which will be captured on the map and will be accompanied by rich audiovisual content, photographs, documentaries, 3D & VirtualRealityvideo, etc., but also a variety of information of historical, environmental and educational interest, in three different languages.

The audiovisual content that will be produced will be available through mobile devices, with augmented reality and virtual reality (AR, VR) capabilities, while the digital holograms of important archeological finds will be displayed locally in special showcases and will be available in AugmentedReality (AR) format in the application on mobile phones.

In its educational dimension, the project includes an interactive educational application for children and schools for touch surfaces, but also an application of experiential virtual reality (VR) education, which will combine with video projection, relevant quiz questions and will be available in various ways. such as VR masks, cloudVRvideoplayers, but also through nativeappstores. At the same time, through a special management platform, the competent executives of the Municipality will have at their disposal statistical data and detailed reports on the use of educational applications, so that they can evaluate and optimize their use and effectiveness.