A new Economic Barometer poll conducted by GPO shows SYRIZA trailing New Democracy by 9.2 percentage points.

The ruling party garnered 31.2 percent compared to 22 percent for the main opposition.
Centre-left KINAL has been steadily rising and has reached 14.4 percent.

The opinion poll was conducted between 31 December and 3 February with a sample of 1,000 respondents, age 17 and older.

Though the government has reached its lowest point yet in polls – not long after the botched handling of the recent snowstorm in Athens, when 2,500 cars were trapped on Attiki Odos (the capital’s biggest motorway) for up to ten hours, and amidst a pandemic and a wave of inflation – New Democracy’s decline has not benefited SYRIZA, and centre-left KINAL/PASOK’s numbers have been rising steadily.

The KKE (Greek Communist Party) garnered 6.2 percent (compared to 5.5 percent in December), Elliniki Lysi four percent, and MeRa25 three percent.

The polling numbers of both New Democracy and Syriza have declined over the last six months precisely due to KINAL’s rise after its new leader, Nikos Androulakis, was elected in December.

New Democracy has lost four percentage points since September.

Regarding the disastrous handling of the snowstorm, 35.5 percent blamed mainly the company that has the Attiki Odos concession, while 30.5 percent said that the Civil Protection and Climate Change Ministry was mainly responsible for the botched management. Six percent said that the severity of the storm did not permit a better handling, while 25.1 percent responded spontaneously that all of the above factors were to blame.

The overall management of the strong weather front by state services was viewed negatively by 79.1 percent of respondents, and 87.3 percent viewed the government’s handling overall negatively.