Citizens over 60-years-old who have not gotten their third, booster COVID-19 vax within seven months after the second will be considered unvaccinated as of tomorrow.

Following the appearance of the COVID-19 Omicron variant in Greece and many countries, combined with the change in the danger of infection, the National Committee on Vaccination unanimously recommended administration of the third dose to all citizens age 18 and over three months after the second dose or three months after a prior COVID-19 infection.

Managing of immunosuppressed

By exception, for immunosuppressed individuals, the third jab can be administered just one month after the second.

Meanwhile, the expert committee recommended limiting the duration of COVID-19 illness certificates to three months.

As of 2 December, a PCR test is a precondition for the issuance of an illness certificate.

Citizens over age 60

Those whose vaccination certificates will cease to be in effect as of tomorrow will be barred entry to indoors venues and will have the same restrictions as completely unvaccinated individuals.

Those over 60 who have not had any jab, as of 16 January, will have to pay a 100-euro fine every month.

Special committees will be created, as was done when compulsory vaccination for healthcare workers was introduced, to review applications of people who invoke health reasons as the basis of an exemption.