Themajor fire that broke out in the historic section of the city of Lefkadaon Monday caused major damages to many traditional buildings, as well as the city’s historicApolloncinema and theater.

In response to the serious damages caused, the union of Fire Brigade officers has submitted a series of proposals to the Alternate Minister of Public OrderNikos Toskas, the General Secretary of Civil ProtectionYannis Kapakisand the Chief of the Fire BrigadeLt. GeneralYannisKaratziasin order to improve fire protection of similar historic city centers.

The union noted that it had previously made proposals for the fire protection in 2009, based on the experiences from the historic city center of Kerkyra. A conference was also held in 2010 in order to examine fire protection for historic city centers such as in Kastoria, Chania, Komotini, Rhodes, the Ionian islands and Lefkada.

The proposals include installing a hot line for direct link between local authorities and the crisis center, installing a permanent water supply network for firefighting purposes, including autonomous underground reservoirs and portable pumps, as well as facilitating access to vehicles. The union also advised that legislation must be introduced to ban the use of liquid and gas fuel in restaurants, bars and cafes in these areas, as well as regularly informing local residents on fire protection measures via pamphlets and meetings.