Greeks prefer rice, potatoes and legumes

More and more Greeks are “rediscovering” rice, potatoes and legumes, ever since the financial crisis has limited their ability to buy more expensive food, such as meat and fish.

On the International Consumer Day, consumer organization EKPOIZO announced the preliminary results of its research on “Nutrition and the Economic Crisis”, according to which over half of households (55.1%) have had their income reduced.

44% of respondent households admitted that their incomes are insufficient in covering daily nutritional needs. The basic criteria for choosing what foods to purchase and consume is price.

According to the study, consumers have reduced their purchases of meat (63.7%), fish (60.5%), sweets (51.2%) and alcohol (48.8%). On the other hand, the most popular foods are rice, potatoes and legumes (70.8%), bread (50.2%) and vegetables (46.9%). Finally, 93% of consumers mentioned they have reduced eating out and take aways.

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