“Revolutionary Self Defense” group claims assault against PASOK HQ

Νewcomer militant group claimed responsibility for AK-47 shots fired on the eve of European elections

Thursday, July 03, 2014
“Revolutionary Self Defense” group claims assault against PASOK HQ

A new militant group named “Revolutionary Self Defense Organization” has claimed responsibility for an armed assault against the PASOK HQ on the eve of the European elections, on the 25th of May.

The group posted a declaration on the Athens Indymedia website, explaining that it decided to attack PASOK’s offices in response to the party’s “historical role in the service of capital”, noting that “PASOK belongs to the hard core of state totalitarianism”.

Furthermore the group stresses that its assault was intended to raise awareness over a draft bill regarding the new high security “type C” prison facilities and earned that further attacks will follow.

The group’s declaration is available (in Greek) on the Athens Indymedia website.