Diplomatic action for German reparations

Government is pleased with Ministry of Foreign Affairs study, preparing for further diplomatic action

Tuesday, April 09, 2013
Diplomatic action for German reparations

The government appears to be very pleased with the results of the Ministry of Finances’ study, regarding German reparations for damages incurred during both World Wars.

According to the study, Greece never received reparations for the loan it was forced to agree upon during the Occupation, nor for the atrocities committed by the German occupation forces.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs Dimitris Avramopoulos recently returned from Croatia and has called a meeting to discuss Greek claims. Sources indicate that Greece will soon proceed with the necessary diplomatic actions.

Mr. Avramopoulos has passed on the report to the President of the State Legal Council Mr. Fokionas Georgakopoulos. Mr. Georgakopoulos will examine the top secret report, evaluate and compose Greece’s claims, before submitting his professional opinion on the subject.