The General Secretary of the Hellenic Tourism Organization-EOT Dimitris Fragakis is holding a meeting on tourism in Evia today, Monday, January 23.

The meeting will take place at the Chamber of Evia, with the local authorities and tourism agencies, in which the MPs of Evia, the Regional Governor and Vice-Regional Governors of Central Greece, Mayors and Deputy Mayors of Evia as well as representatives of the island’s productive entities will also participate.

Earlier, Mr. Fragakis will meet with the mayor of Chalkida, Mrs. Eleni Vaka, and then he will meet with the Metropolitan of Evia, Mr. Chrysostomos.

Finally, he will hold a meeting with the President and the members of Party’s Governing Committee of Evia.

Tourism for all

Meanwhile, on Monday, January 30, 2023, the 3rd draw of the Tourism for All program will take place, involving 125,000 new beneficiaries, thus reaching a total of 400,000 for this year alone. This was emphasized by the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Sofia Zaharaki, to the Athenian Macedonian News Agency, underlining that the digital cards can be redeemed until the end of June, so it would be good for the beneficiaries to hurry to use them, as she notes.

Focusing on the Tourism for All program, Mrs. Zaharaki pointed out that this is a program that started in 20-21 as a measure to support tourism in the pandemic, and through it 19 million euros were redeemed from 200,000 beneficiaries. In fact, the Tourism for All program of the Ministry of Tourism has a double goal: firstly, the support – in times of global crises – of our fellow citizens, and secondly, the expansion of tourist traffic throughout the country and throughout the year, said Mrs. Zaharaki.

What the winners of the program should know

Beneficiaries of the program drawn on January 30th should know that each digital prepaid card is redeemed either once at the same tourist accommodation or in parts at successive tourist accommodation depending on the available balance at any time the beneficiary wishes until 6/30/2023.