The Energy Community of Karditsa (ESEK) is expanding its biofuel use program to more schools and public buildings, in collaboration with the Eunice Energy Group through the Group’s subsidiary, We Energy.

As announced, Energy Community of Karditsa proceeded with the pilot installation of a 35kw boiler and pellet burner at the Kallifonio Kindergarten in Karditsa, with the prospect of extending the action to other schools and public buildings in the prefecture of Karditsa. The installation “buckled” into the already existing conventional heating system of the school.

The new system includes a recording mechanism (measurement of fuel consumption, etc.), an online system through which the boiler can be checked remotely, and parametersas can be setfor its optimal operation.

The pellet is produced at Energy Community of Karditsa facilities, with wood and coffee residues as raw material, in collaboration with farmers, industries and local government, using 100% green energy supplied by We Energy. In this way, the reduction of the region’s energy dependence on polluting fossil fuels, the reduction of energy poverty is promoted, while at the same time the green transition towards energy democracy is strengthened, by the utilization of local resources such as the residual biomass that until now remained unused . The project aims to strengthen the message of the circular economy and the energy autonomy of communities and citizens.