The floating LNG tank at Revythousa is ready to fill

Discussions for gas storage in Italy are also at a final stage

The new floating LNG storage tank of the National Natural Gas System Operator (DESFA) terminal in Revythousa is fully licensed and ready to operate.

Its activation and its addition to the country’s plan against the possibility of an interruption in the supply of Russian gas is signaled this morning by the visit of the political leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Energy to the LNG storage and gasification facilities located on the islet opposite Megara.

With this infrastructure, the station’s available storage capacity increases from 225,000 cubic meters to over 370,000 cubic meters. The tanker is moored and ready, when the need arises, to store additional quantities of LNG.

Furthermore, and according to available information, the discussions between Greece and Italy regarding the storage of quantities of natural gas in an underground storage facility in Italy are also in the final stage. Sources see a necessity to store 1.14 TWh of gas. Reserves will be held compulsorily from November 1 until March 2023.

Dual combustion units

Final touches are also being made to the remaining parts of the country’s plan for its energy security in case of interruption of Russian gas flows.

According to information, within the week a meeting will be held at the Ministry of Environment and Energy with representatives of power generation units that have the possibility to operate with diesel instead of natural gas. These are units of PPC, Elpedison and HERON, with a total capacity of 1.7 GW. Their diesel stocks should last for 20 days and their readiness will be discussed at the meeting.


The use of lignite is also of decisive importance for energy security.

The decision is to double the power generation from the lignite units to 10 TWh. Already month after month, the participation of the once powerful fossil fuel is increasing, even reaching the level of 15%.

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