The “Georgios Gennimatas” hospital has been put on standby since yesterday for any burn victims from the fire that started yesterday afternoon in Penteli. According to the hospital’s announcement, a total of three patients arrived.

Burn unit

In particular, during the 7/19/2022 standby status, a total of three patients/victims from the fire that started in Penteli related to Plastic Surgery/ Burn unit were admitted.

Patient M.E. aged 54 came on his own means from the fire in Gerakas, with extensive burns on 60% of the total body surface, mainly superficial and in some places in the depth of partial thickness, concerning the face, upper and lower extremities, and trunk. Due to the severity of the burns the patient was admitted to the Burn Unit and the patient’s condition is stable.

Patient A.N. female, 28 years old, from the area of ​​Penteli, was admitted due to smoke inhalation, and after the appropriate tests and paraclinical check-up were carried out, it was decided to transfer her to Sotiria hospital for a pulmonary assessment due to the nature of the inhalation burn. However, the patient refused in writing to be transported by ambulance and stated that she will be transferred by her companions to Sotiria hospital.

Patient B.G. male 35 arrived by ambulance from Penteli due to thermal burns with a depth of partial thickness of the total surface of 18%, on the head, Left arm, Right shin, and Left lower leg. A recommendation was made for admission to the Plastic Surgery clinic, however the patient refused in writing and will come today for a review at the Plastic Surgery outpatient clinic.