The upsurge in cases and the alarming increase in hospitalizations recorded recently may concern experts, but the government does not seem willing to proceed with taking even some mild measures, such as the use of masks in certain indoor spaces.

Minister of Health, Thanos Pleuris, argued yesterday that the spread is occurring mainly in open spaces and especially among younger age groups and in entertainment venues. The minister was optimistic, that we are before the peak of the new wave of covid infections, which is not expected to have impact on hard indicators such as intubations.

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Measures will be considered in the Fall if necessary

Regarding the possibility of taking new measures, the Minister of Health emphasized in an interview with Alpha tv that all measures for the summer period have been suspended. From  autumn, based on the course of the pandemic, the government may consider measures if necessary, but the  logic at this phase of coexistence with the pandemic, is that any measures that are put in place must be proportionally absolutely necessary measures and not horizontal as before, noted the Health Minister.

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“We didn’t expect such great contagion during the summer”

In the meantime, Professor Gikas Magiorkinis admitted that committee of experts did not expect such great contagion during the summer. Dr. Majorkinis also made predictions for the next period, as far as the evolution of the pandemic is concerned. “There are two climaxes: the number of cases and contagiousness. In terms of the epidemic curve we have reached the peak and we are over it. But we are not worried, because what we are interested in are the people who are admitted to ICUs. There is no dramatic increase either in Greece or in other countries. Patients enter hospitals without oxygen problems. They are mainly elderly people who are mainly admitted with a high fever.”