Main opposition SYRIZA trails New Democracy by eight percentage points according to a new GPO poll, despite losses for the ruling party due to economic conditions.

Despite relief measures and energy rebates, galloping inflation, which reached a whopping 10.2 percent in April, and skyrocketing energy prices have chipped away at the government’s solid and protracted double-digit lead.

SYRIZA, however, has made only a 0.6 percentage point gain, and ND has lost one percentage point since a March Economic Barometer survey conducted by the same company.

The poll, commissioned by, gave ND 30.8 percent, SYRIZA 22.8 percent, and centre-left PASOK-KINAL 12.6 percent (a 1.2 percentage point decline in one month).

Smaller opposition parties reaped the gains, albeit minor, from the losses of the three largest parties since the March poll.

The Greek Communist Party (KKE) garners 5.9 percent (compared to 5.5 percent in March, Elliniki Lysis (Greek Solution) 4.6 percent (4.1 in March), MeRa 25 2.4 percent (2.3 in March), and Ellines Gia Tin Patrida (Greeks for the Fatherland) 1.9 percent (1.7 in March).

The poll showed that 10.6 percent of respondents are undecided, 1.4 intend to cast a blank protest ballot, and 2.6 percent said they will not vote.