The coffee we drink in disposable plastic cups will be more expensive by -at least- 10 cents, from the New Year, due to the imposition of the “green” fee.

The special environmental protection contribution of 4 cents plus VAT, is imposed separately for the glass and separately for the lid and more broadly, depending on the number of plastic pieces that make up the packaging of food and beverages.

In particular, take away coffees – as stated in the relevant circular – will be charged with a special environmental protection contribution of 4 cents plus VAT for the receptacle and as much for the lid. With VAT and rounding the charge is set at 10 cents.

The payment of the levy is imposed on consumers per piece of product and the plastic cover is considered as a distinct product, for which the levy is imposed independently.

In detail, the “green” tax from January 1 concerns:

Disposable cups, including lids.

– Containers of food, ie containers such as cans, with or without lid, in which food is placed which:

(a) intended for immediate consumption either on site or off-site;

(b) usually consumed by the container, and

(c) are ready for consumption without further preparation, in particular cooking, cooking or reheating, including containers used for fast food or other ready-to-eat meals, other than beverage containers, plates, packages and wrappers containing foodstuffs.