The additional protection measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus will come into effect on Thursday 30 December, 2021, at 06:00, Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced on Wednesday underlining that Omicron is now the dominating variant in the community.

According to the additional measures, restaurants, clubs and other catering business will be open until midnight and only for seated at tables for up to six persons and without music. On New Year’s Eve restaurants, clubs and other catering businesses will be allowed to remain open until 02:00 but under the same restrictions.

Additionally, Plevris said that it would be good for everyone to be tested before going out on New Year’s Eve.

Regarding the condition in the national health system, he said that the majority of the patients are infected by Delta variant, however, the Omicron is the dominating variant. He also said that the Health system continues to be pressed by the Delta variant adding that the government has agreed with private structures to offer beds and staff.

Plevris also said that the epidemiologists committee unanimously urges the citizens to be vaccinated as the vaccines cover the Omicron variant.