The first official list with the best Greek islands for 2022 was announced by the Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

Among the at least 200 island destinations, the popular travel magazine suggests Syros for its local culture, Hydra for weekend getaways, the island of Paxos, Santorini as the best honeymoon destination, Milos as the most photogenic island of Greece, Kefalonia for family vacations, Corfu for its idyllic landscapes and Ithaca as the mythical homeland of Odysseus.

The list is completed with the luxury of Mykonos, the authentic Folegandros, Tinos with its traditional villages, Crete as the best destination for the adventurous ones, Symi with its picturesque port, Zakynthos as the best destination for the youngsters, Rhodes for a journey through time, Skiathos for relaxed reading on the beach and Lefkada for sailing and windsurfing.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

The list includes Patmos for its mysterious atmosphere and its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Astypalea for its different and kind way of life and for having some holidays away from the crowds, Naxos for its endless sandy beaches and its wild natural beauty and Sifnos for its traditional festivals. The representatives of some destinations that stood out in the long-awaited list referred to some details that will attract the travelers:

“By focusing on tourism, religiosity, culture and UNESCO world heritage sites, we inform the international media, undertake ecological initiatives and launch new projects, such as the improvement of port facilities and the “rebirth” of the Patmiada Ecclesiastical School, the most historic school in Greece”, emphasizes in a statement the mayor of Patmos, Lefteris Pentes.

“The Aegean sea tries to uniquely connect quality, authenticity and the “green” way of life, promoting travel experiences. Our actions for the new identity of Astypalea inspire the travel media and consolidate the position of the destination as a new international model of holidays based on the principles of sustainability”, said the mayor of Astypalea, Nikos Komineas.

“The beautiful beaches of the destination are the “passport” to introduce to the traveling public all the dimensions of our tourist “product”. In this direction, we are creating a new application for mobile phones as a “live” calendar for events, museums and tourist attractions”, emphasizes the Deputy Mayor of Tourism of the Municipality of Naxos & Small Cyclades, Vangelis Katsaras.

“Sifnos is gradually winning the” bet “of extroversion. We highlight our gastronomic wealth as a part of the tradition, culture and hospitality of the locals. Trails, pottery, nature, local cuisine, activities and culture are our comparative advantage”, says the mayor of Sifnos, Maria Nadali.