New Democracy, in a new MRB poll, maintains a double-digit lead over main opposition SYRIZA, and the centre-left Movement for Change (KINAL) has broadened its base of support after the 12 December election of its new leader, Nikos Androulakis.

New Democracy garners 30.7 percent, SYRIZA 19.7 percent, and KINAL 13.5 percent.

Additionally, the KKE Greek Communist Party garnered 4.1 percent, Elliniki Lysi 3.8 percent, MeRa25 2.7 and percent. About 19 percent were undecided or did not respond.

In the projection prior to Androulakis’ election, ND garnered 35.7-40.7 percent, SYRIZA 23.7-28.1 percent, and KINAL 11.1-14.5 percent.

The polling company both in June and December asked respondents which party will win the general election.

For New Democracy it was 51 percent (54.7 percent in June) and for SYRIZA 20.1 percent (18.7 percent in June).

When asked which party would you prefer to be elected in the next general election, whenever it may be held, New Democracy was picked by 35.8 percent of respondents (39 percent in June), and SYRIZA was named by 29.7 percent (31.1 percent in June).