The plan to reconstruct North Evia will be discussed at a meeting with regional officials chaired by Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the town of Istiea at 10:30 on Tuesday.

North Evia is the island’s region that suffered severe environmental and economic damage in the wildfires of August 2021.

The plan has been devised by the reconstruction committee, which is headed by former minister and mayor Stavros Benos. It was presented at a cabinet council.

The purpose of Mitsotakis’ visit is to carry out a review on the areas affected by the catastrophic fires of last August, emphasizing the restoration works of the natural environment both in Istiaia and in other locations.

In essence, this is a postponed visit of the Prime Minister to Northern Evia as the bad weather of the previous days overturned the original plan for Mr. Mitsotakis to pay a visit last Saturday.