Health Minister Thanos Plevris today filed with Supreme Court Prosecutor Vasilis Pliotas a report regarding what he views as punishable criminal acts by POEDIN (Panhellenic Federation of Public Hospital Workers) President Michalis Giannakos, who alleged that ICU beds are set aside for VIPs by circumventing the prioritised state waiting list.

In the document, Plevris asserts that those who disseminate fake news should be called to account, as they provocatively slander doctors, healthcare workers, and EKAV ambulance services personnel who are in the frontline of the fight against the pandemic

POEDIN to submit ICUs report to Supreme Court Prosecutor

For its part, the executive committee of POEDIN and its legal advisor are expected next week to file with the Supreme Court Prosecutor a report requesting an investigation of the management of intubated patients who are being treated outside of ICUs.

The move comes in the aftermath of a prosecutor’s intervention to review the allegations of Giannakos that there are ICUs that remain shut in order to treat VIPs when deemed necessary.

Plevris responded with outrage, accusing Giannakos of spreading fake news and maintaining that the charge is an insult to doctors and healthcare workers.

Giannakos countered that it is not doctors and healthcare workers who make the call on who will be placed in an ICU bed.

POEDIN calls for probe of circumvention of ICU waiting lists

In an announcement, POEDIN said the health ministry’s information system indicates there are 647 ICU beds.

“The [health ministry waiting list] system shows dozens of empty ICU beds every day. The health ministry announces that there is 100 percent coverage in ICUs. Based on the National Public Health Organisation’s (EODY) daily [COVID-19] bulletin, intubated COVID-19 patients being treated outside of ICUs are over 100 every day. Many remain outside of ICUs for days,” it maintained.

“We are asking the Prosecutor’s Office to investigate whether the prioritised EKAV [state ambulance service]-EKEPY [National Health Operations Centre] list of patients awaiting an ICU bed is being observed…Why are the beds not be occupied by patients but instead appear [on the computer system] to be vacant?