The professor of Pulmonology at the University of Crete, Nikos Tzanakis, spoke harshly about those who spread fake news about the coronavirus and the vaccine, describing them as “murderers”. He stressed that appropriate legal action should be taken to turn such acts into criminal acts, as they affect many people, leading them even to death.

Commenting on the deaths of young people, which have increased dramatically in the last month, but also the fact that while they show severe symptoms, they are late going to the hospital, he noted that “young people have more strength to endure a high fever and misery and are affected from what they read, misinformation and do not go to the hospital. Those who spread fake news are murderers. Legal action must be taken to turn them into criminal acts.”

Mr. Tzanakis, speaking to SKAI TV, added that it is tragic to know that 130 people aged 18-39 who had a life expectancy of 40-50 years, are dead. “It is a stupid omission not to be vaccinated,” he said. Referring to the 40-year-old beekeeper who ended up with a coronavirus at the Venizelio hospital, he said that because his family had fallen ill and he passed it lightly, he thought that he would not have a problem and that is why he was not vaccinated.

In the same context, he noted that the percentage of young people currently being treated is close to 15% -20% and estimated that young people will continue to die, “because the unvaccinated are a reservoir of people who will be seriously ill in a smaller percentage than older ones of course “.

Regarding the course of the pandemic, the professor of Pulmonology pointed out that in the last ten days there has been a gradual increase, about 150 cases per week. “And this week, if the numbers continue like this, we will have a spike in cases,” he said.

He added that the hospitalizations that will give these many cases are a critical factor. “Will this 7% -8% of hospital cases continue? For me, hospitalizations in simple beds are a bell. When hospital admissions exceed 350 daily and approach 400, this is an important bell that we have a problem. “The many cases are not the critical parameter as many tests are performed and asymptomatic persons or those with few symptoms are identified, while 30% of the cases are children up to 17 years old”, he stated characteristically.

Kapravelos: Introduction of a green pass as in Italy

The director of the ICU at Papanikolaou Hospital, Nikos Kapravelos, also sounded the alarm, noting that in the hospitals of Thessaloniki the occupancy is close to 100% and new ICU beds are constantly being added. “Yesterday we released 8 Intensive Care Units from other diseases and gave them to Covid patients and within 24 hours they were full. We received cases of intubation from AHEPA that were in a common ward, I took to my clinic a 53-year-old who was in a common ward in Papageorgiou “, he stressed, while admitting that doctors and hospitals now find it difficult to meet the health needs of other diseases.

He reiterated the need to extend vaccination and introduce a green card for day-to-day human activities, as Italy did. “We are not raising the issue of restricting human activity, but I will not tire of talking about extending the obligation, for a green card, as Italy is doing. There is no other solution. We have the weapon in our hands and I do not understand the hesitation of extending the obligation. It is of vital importance. Italy has 16 dead in a population of 60 million and we have 40 in 10 million.”