The ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey on 760 Greek employers, that was published today, recorded modest recruitment prospects for the period from October to December.

20% of the employers expect an increase in the number of employees, 15% predict a reduction in employees and 61% do not anticipate any change, with the Overall Employment Outlook amounting to +5%. Recruitment prospects weaken by 2 pct compared to the previous quarter, but improve by 5 pct compared to the corresponding quarter of the previous year. Additional findings of the survey record that 72% of Greek employers face difficulty in finding jobs due to the lack of specialized talent. The same percentage (72%) is reported for the EMEA countries.

Nevertheless, employers offer a range of incentives to cover talent shortages: Training, skills development or career guidance (55%) along with flexible working hours (42%) are the most popular choices, followed by financial incentives, such as higher salaries (39%) and bonuses (29%).

According to the employers, the biggest obstacles regarding the increase in the implementation of skills development programs are: money (33%), time (16%) and access to the right partners for the upgrading/development of human resources (12% ).

According to the survey, 20% of executives feel anxious, and 19% feel optimistic concerning the remote work and the impact of the pandemic in the working environment, with the strengthening of the vaccination program having contributed to the recruitmnent compared to the same quarter of 2020.