Afghanistan – “Greece will suffer” – What the former Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman said

Sarah Sarajanhank is now in India where he managed to find himself a few hours before Kapmul fell into the hands of the Taliban

It was expected that something bad would happen in Afghanistan, the former representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Asian country and later the director general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sarah Sarajenkhank said exclusively to MEGA and Eleftheria Davatzi, .

Mr Sarajenkhank is now in India, where he managed to find himself just hours before Kapmul fell to the Taliban.

“The president of the country was the sole person who wanted to control everything. This man did not trust the army, the police, he did not trust anyone. We knew something bad was going to happen,” said the former spokesman.

According to him, the American troops left without warning, leaving the bases at the mercy of the Taliban. “There was no transfer of power. The biggest airport, the biggest military bases by the Americans, without our forces knowing it, were abandoned by them at 3 in the morning and our forces discovered it the next day at 8 in the morning”, he stressed.

He said the Taliban’s rule would not last long, but that the country could be plunged into civil war and that it could face a terrorist attack like 9/11.

“It’s not just bad for Afghanistan, it’s bad for the whole world. The same things that happened on September 11, if the world and European countries fail to control the Taliban, will happen again. Do you see all the people who want to leave the country? The same thing happened in 1996 when the Taliban took over the country.”

For him, Greece is the one that will suffer because of the immigration issue. “Greece will suffer. “It is very easy for them to reach Greece from Turkey and Greece will be the first country to stay because it is a European country that will seek asylum and there will be a large wave of immigrants in Europe,” he concluded.

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