Fokida – Speedboat sinks near rocky shore

The three passengers are safe. The 55-year-old captain of the boat who did not have a speedboat pilot license was arrested

The three occupants of a speedboat (two men, one woman) that sunk yesterday at noon are safe and sound. According to the statement of the occupants, the boat sank due to mechanical damage in the sea area near the Andromachi lighthouse of Akrotiri Trachilos Fokida, at a distance of about twenty meters from the rocky shore.

The Itea Port Authority was informed about the incident, while a coast guard boat went to the spot.

The three passengers had swum on the shore and a passing boat collected them safely.

The Itea Port Authority, which is conducting the preliminary investigation, arrested the 55-year-old captain of the boat, who did not have a speedboat pilot’s license, and the process of imposing administrative sanctions was initiated. No marine pollution was observed from the incident.

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