In the context of the implementation of the National Development Strategy for Diving Tourism, by decision of the competent Deputy Minister of Tourism, Sofia Zacharaki, a Diving Tourism Council is established – its members were appointed – with responsibilities to study the available data and trends observed regarding the development of this specific form of tourism. The Council, chaired by Mr. Dimitris Markatos, informs and suggests on the national diving tourism strategy, as it was first established by Law 4688/2020 of the Ministry, while proposing actions and initiatives for its implementation.

The purpose of the Council is to provide information on issues of development of diving tourism in terms of sustainability and the optimal promotion of diving attractions with respect for the environment.

As stated by the competent Deputy Minister, Mrs. Sofia Zacharaki:

“The Ministry of Tourism is actively reviewing and adopting a new, sustainable, and blue model for the tourism development of Greece. To this end, we are now investing strategically in the specific forms of tourism, taking advantage of the comparative advantages we have as a country. Diving tourism is an area where we can rightly claim the emergence of our country as a top tourist destination in the world. With vision, method and systematic approach, we are launching every necessary action for the adoption and implementation for the first time of a national strategy for its development. This marks the beginning of a serious national effort to utilize the countless diving tourism opportunities offered by our country, which is further strengthened through already launched and included in the national tourism recovery plan investments in infrastructure projects and training programs of the people of the industry.”

It is noted that the systematic development and promotion of diving tourism and other special forms of tourism are strategic priorities of the Ministry of Tourism, both in the effort to recover the national tourism industry after the pandemic and in the context of shielding its resilience, the adoption of a new tourism model and the enrichment of the Greek tourism product. The operation of the Council is complemented by targeted projects for the promotion of maritime tourism and specifically the upgrade or creation of new diving centers and the corresponding training of our country’s human resources, which will be financed through resources available from the Recovery Fund.