The Greek government announced new restrictions for the citizens who won’t get inoculated, as the government’s spokeswoman, Aristoteleia Peloni, announced when referring to the vaccination program.

Government’s spokeswoman stressed the need for all citizens to get vaccinated as the new Delta variant has caused a new increase in Covid cases. She also added that decisions are always made according to the suggestions of the scientists, who evaluate the data. Moreover, she continued with pointing out that the instructions given to the citizens may vary from time to time as these data are constantly changing.

The vaccination program could go better

The government spokeswoman also said that the vaccination program is going well in our country, but it could go even better and considers that there is no question of not being vaccinated, since the vaccine is free and easily accessible.

“We are not pointing the finger at anyone, but what really matters in times of pandemic is the protection of public health,” she added, referring to the criticism the government receives due to its vaccination program.

Ms. Peloni said that vaccination is an act of self-protection and social responsibility, as well, adding also that during the summer period, the percentage of vaccinated adults should exceed 70%.