Universities are getting ready to select their new freshmen, hoping for a new academic year without any new problems or fetters posed by the pandemic. Many of these Universities are ready to come up against any difficulty that will arise by the beginning of the new academic year.

A survey made by the Athens University of Economics and Business in the previous days revealed that its graduates are the ones to find a job in an easier way once they graduate. This fact comes out from the third survey that will be presented soon and officially, after the presentation of the previews two ones, conducted in 2012 and in 2018.

As it appears from this survey:

  • 36% of all its graduates decided to continue their studies in order to increase their qualifications.
  • Eight out of ten graduates who continued their studies, they immediately chose a Postgraduate Program and 65.5% of them stayed in Greece. Six out of ten graduates did not choose the AUEB for their postgraduate studies.
  • In total, almost seven out of ten choose postgraduate studies that are directly related to their undergraduate studies.
  • Seven out of ten of all graduates are already working. The vast majority of graduates of the Athens University of Economics and Business work as full-time employees. Only six percent of graduates are employed in a company they own.
  • Many of the University graduates, however, go forward with setting up their own business based on the scientific knowledge they gained during their studies.

Out of all the graduates who set up their own business, one in two did so within one year of their graduation and nine out of ten of these businesses remain active.

  • Almost six out of ten work in a field that is totally related to their studies.
  • Nine out of ten graduates work in Greece.
  • The employability of graduates after six, twelve and twenty-four months was 46.1%, 55.1% and 68.9% respectively.
  • 33.1% of the graduates stated that, since the day of their graduation, they have changed one or two jobs while 42.6% of them works in the same post they had when they graduated.
  • Regarding the amount of their monthly salaries, the majority (53%) declare earnings from 500 to 900 €, while a very small percentage declares earnings higher than € 1,501.
  • The majority of graduates state very, very happy with their current job.

How did they find a job immediately?

According to the respondents, the Internet and their acquaintances helped them the most to find a post.

With regards to whether their studies helped them in their professional and academic life, 61.8% of them stated that, as for the labor market, they acquired the necessary knowledge and skills during their studies. The majority of the graduates (75.7%) say they are satisfied with the courses offered by the University.

69.2% of the graduates state that they are satisfied with the teaching staff

Significant dissatisfaction is recorded for the infrastructure of the AUEB.