The fuel market fell sharply during 2020.

According to ELSTAT data, a total of 6,688 million metric tons of fuel of all categories were handled compared to 7,281 million metric tons in 2019, with a decrease of 8.1%. The decline in diesel was also significant, as the decline in gasoline reached 23% while in diesel 6.5%.

More specifically, 1.565 million metric tons of unleaded gasoline were traded last year, while last year the corresponding div was 2.032 million metric tons. In terms of diesel, 2.553 million metric tons were traded last year, compared to 2.730 million metric tons last year.

It is interesting that the circulation of super unleaded 98 and 100 octane shows a significant percentage increase of 34.8% as in 2020 331,663 metric tons were sold compared to 246,044 metric tons in 2019. In fact, in this category there is more than tripling in recent years as in 2015 only 105,025 metric tons of super unleaded had been sold.

Regarding the remaining sales of petroleum products, heating oil showed an increase of 15.2% as 1.246 million metric tons were sold last year compared to 1.082 million metric tons in 2019.

Sales of low sulfur fuel oil also increased, by 8.2%. The development is attributed to the new regime for the use of reduced sulfur fuels for shipping. On the contrary, the sales of high sulfur fuel oil decreased by 28.7%, while the sales of LPG recorded a decline of 28.1%.