The list of stores that will be open on Sundays is being expanded, as is provided for in the labor bill, which was passed yesterday in Parliament. Those working on Sundays will take another day off

Which industries are on the list?

  • postal services (couriers),
  • enterprises for the production of sanitary ware or nursing supplies, production, storage, transport and distribution of medicines and paramedical equipment,
  • supply chain operations (“logistics”), in particular the receipt, storage, collection and distribution of goods, as well as the repair and maintenance of forklifts and hoists;
  • shared service centers of groups of companies, in particular in the fields of accounting, human resources, payroll, computers (IT), regulatory compliance, procurement and others,
  • call center service and customer support companies,
  • data centers and computer group business centers in general,
  • paper file digitization companies,
  • companies for the production of ready-mixed concrete and quarries, mining and mining activities.

This legislative initiative, as explained by competent government sources, is done on the one hand to serve the needs of society, and on the other hand to combat “black” labor phenomena, as in many cases companies are forced to operate on Sundays without being able to “show” that employees are working.