The planning of the Municipality of Athens for free space in the neighborhoods of the city and the creation of green spaces everywhere, continues with the innovative “pocket parks”, which are growing rapidly.

These small “oases” are created in densely populated neighborhoods, where public space is limited, to improve everyday life and offer a way out for social interaction and a breath of oxygen to residents and visitors.

Pocket Parks created through the successful “Adopt your city” program, have a double benefit for Athenians and the city. They combine the benefits of small “oases” of greenery that Athens needs, with the utilization of open unused spaces, which are regenerated and made accessible to the public.

After the creation of the third pocket park with an area of ​​750 sq.m. in Pagrati, the Municipality of Athens, with the donation of P&G, intervenes and in collaboration with the Land Organization utilizes another abandoned space in Metaxourgeio.

At the junction of Megalou Alexandrou and Mycenae streets, an area of ​​300 sq.m. was “transformed” into a neighborhood park, into a real “gem”. A forgotten corner of the city regained its light and became a modern gathering place for the inhabitants of the area, with intense vegetation and modern equipment. Seven new trees were planted, including an olive tree in the center of the area, more than 330 climbing plants and shrubs, as well as other native aromatic plants. In this park, too, the urban infrastructure and equipment have been completely renewed, while the lighting will be enhanced by an autonomous photovoltaic element .

These projects will continue to be carried out in all neighborhoods of Athens, where there are suitable spaces.

“Pocket parks have become an institution for Athens and this gives us the strength to continue the effort to create even more green spaces, in areas that for years had been abandoned to their fate and in neighborhoods that need breath. It is the result of a practice that all Athenians embraced because they see their space changing and their daily life becoming better, more humane, closer to the environment,” said the Mayor of Athens Costas Bakogiannis on the occasion of the creation of the “Pocket Park” in Metaxourgio .