Just yesterday in our editorial we noted that rays of light are already beginning to shine through the darkness of a pandemic that for nearly a year has overshadowed everything.

One such optimistic sign is the news of a 100mn euro investment by the Greek Systems Sunlight Company (photo) to develop environmentally-friendly lithium-ion battery technology.

This project is a precursor of a planned major investment totaling 200mn euros to create an electrοmobility park in Western Macedonia.

Investments such as this that are oriented toward environment-friendly technology constitute a strong vote of confidence in Greece’s prospects.

They create hundreds of jobs and offer the country’s youth employment opportunities.

Sunlight’s investment comes on the heels of a number of other large investment projects planned by both Greek companies and international giants.

The much-desired improvement in Greece’s investment climate is already a reality based on hard facts and on the reality that the country’s prospects are undoubtedly viewed as auspicious.

Citigroup’s economic analysts have projected a GDP rise of abou 2.2 percentage points in 2021 and they expect that EU Recovery Fund liquidity wih money that will be pouring into Greece in 2021 will lead to a 6.5 percentage point hike in 2022.

The positive impact of the Fund is expected to be seen immediately and directly due to the results of investments that will be made and indirectly due to the multiplier effect of consumption and investments.

All of this means that Greece will have a great opprtunity that must not be missed.

The mistakes of the past must not be repeated under any circumstances.