The epidemiological profile of Greece and the rest of Europe is worsening as the terrifying data confirm daily.

Greece has already been through a lockdown in the spring and the coming winter with the usual wave of seasonal flu is bound to bring an even greater spread of COVID-19.

As has been said ad infinitum the only trustworthy and proven defence against COVID-19 that we have to date is the use of masks and social distancing.

Instead of getting caught up in a web of directives and measures the government can expedite enforcement of a measure that it was saving for later before things get out hand – the mandatory use of masks by everyone both inside and outside in public spaces.

Even if the government does not act immediately and insists on delaying enforcement of the measure, citizens of their own accord can abide by it in order to protect themselves and their fellow citizens.

The benefits are enormously greater than any fleeting discomfort, not only for public health but also for the economy and the country in general.