Everyone know that in football the match is over when the referee blows the whistle.

In the battle against the coronavirus pandemic we are still at the beginning and that is why any loosening of restrictive measures or complacency is impermissible.

Let us keep that in mind as officials discuss how and when the measures will be gradually lifted.

Planning for how we can restart social and economic activity is undoubtedly necessary.

Yet under no circumstances should discussions about the day after lead to the catastrophic conclusion that the outcome of the battle is foreordained.

On the contrary, the struggle with the pandemic is in full swing and at its most critical juncture.

For Greece, which by all accounts has done well since the start of this public health crisis, it would be suicidal to blow everything out of the water due to laxity.

That will take constant vigilance, discipline, and concentration to the very end so as to flatten and reduce the epidemic’s curve of spread.

It has been demonstrated that this opponent is relentless and is unforgiving when there are errors or misguided approaches.
Whoever has underestimated it has paid a heavy price.