In its first measure regarding the tourism sector beyond financial support for employees due to the Coronavirus pandemic , who are included in horizontal measures to support labour, the government has ordered the closure of seasonal Greek hotels and other tourist facilities through 30 August, though the tempest for tourism is expected to drag through the summer tourist season.

As yet there is no ban on the operation of year-round hotels and other tourist facilities.

There has also been no ban on short-term home rentals such as Airbnb.

The drastic reduction in the number of flights of European and other air carriers by 70 percent or higher is an early indication of the travails that are in store for Greek tourism.

The number of Aegean Airline flights has been cut from about 300 daily to 74.

The closures ordered by the government – which pertain to seasonal tourist facilities that have not opened yet – aside from hotels covers camping facilities, youth hostels, condohotels, and furnished villas and homes.

There has been no restriction on maintenance work at tourist facilities.

Moreover, the closure of restaurants cafes, and bars does not apply to those located within hotels as long as they only serve those residing there.

However, the closure of gyms, barber and hairstyling shops, and beauty and well-being facilities applies to hotels as well.